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Plant dyeing starter kit / 9 samples + bandana

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This dyeing kit is a curated set of 3 different dye plants to showcase the main properties of botanical colours. You will learn about extracting plant dyes, modifying them, and dyeing fabric.

Every kit contains a piece of pre-mordanted organic cotton for you to run tests on and a pre-mordanted bandana for the main project - choose between organic cotton voile and hemmed silk.

Cut small pieces of the test fabric and experiment with three different dyes: madder, chamomile, and hollyhock. Once you get familiar with the techniques, dye a full piece with plants of your choice. You can use the dyed samples for small sewing projects or patch them together for a bigger piece.

The kit includes printed instructions with photos. I will help you make 9 unique colours out of just 3 dye plants, as well as give ideas for expanding the range of colours even further.

The kit includes:

organic cotton test piece 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 inch), pre-treated with aluminium mordant
organic cotton OR hemmed silk bandana 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20inch), pre-treated with aluminium mordant
3 dyestuffs: madder root, chamomile, black hollyhock
low pH modifier: citric acid
high pH modifier: baking soda
iron sulfate modifier
printed instructions

You will need:
a pot and a hob
a spoon
a bowl and a 1l glass jar


Inspiration for the test swatches (50x50cm organic cotton included in the kit)

Ideas for the main bandana project (50x50cm organic cotton or silk included in the kit)


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