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Kaliko is based in Berlin, Germany. German version of the website coming soon.



Workshops, Video classes and eBooks

I teach in-person textile-art workshops in my studio in Berlin.
Together with Domestika we released a beautiful online video class for beginners dyers.
I also self-published a selection of eBooks about natural dyeing.

Choose how you learn best.

learn with me in Berlin

I teach basics of natural dyeing, bundle dyeing, tie-dye techniques and frame loom weaving

new in-person offering

bundle dyeing edition

is launching on June 10th!
Join at my studio in Berlin-Wedding and upcycle your clothes under my guidance.

In-person workshops

Since 2020 I offer private classes. If you want to learn with me, you can book a class via my online shop. Studio capacity for private workshops is 1-5 people. After booking, write me an email to discuss the date, I am available most Thurdsdays, Fridays and weekends. Click on the photos below to learn more.

I am also available for team events and influencer/corporate workshops. I can host up to 10+ people in my studio. For bigger groups I will come to the location of your choice. I will provide materials, tools and organize transport. I require water and electricity access. You can email me for pricing and dates.

Bundle dyeing

In this 1,5h class I am sharing my process for making imprints of plant matter onto the fabric. We work with silk scarves that we dye using dry plants. I talk about the basic chemistry of natural dyeing and guide you in the process of making your own piece of textile art. This class is best shared with friends. Birthday gift or a hen party starter? Your call :)

Intro to plant dyeing

This comprehensive 3h class is designed to teach you the basics of natural dyeing. You will learn to choose, prepare and pre-treat fibers. We will dye 10+ color samples using 3 different plants and 3 modifying substances. I will teach you how to make sure your natural colors last. This class is a perfect foundation for your natural dyeing journey.

Natural tie-dye

Learn pattern making techniques using a dye-resist method. During this 3h class you will make multiple samples and get to know different tie-dyeing techniques, like binding, folding, clamping, scrunching and more. We will work with tannin-based dyes on cotton. For the final project we will dye silk scarves and you'll get a chance to execute your own design.

Intuitive weaving

A 4h class to wind down. Spend time with me and my looms. I will guide you in making your own handwoven wallhanging, from stretching the warp through making patterns and textures, to securing and hanging your piece. But be careful, weaving is addictive :) Bring some snacks and drinks and let's weave away using my beautiful plant dyes wool yarns.

learn with video and eBooks

for those who'd rather learn at their own pace from the comfort of their home

Online teaching resources

I prepared a selection of resources for those, who can't visit me in person.
I published 3 eBooks so far and I am working on another one as we speak. You can learn the very basics of plant dyeing, dive deep into the subject of mordants or get my dye garden manual. More info below.

In 2021 together with Domestika we released an online class about dyeing textiles with plants. It's +1h of video lessons in which I guide you step by step on your first natural dyeing adventure. On top of that there are countless additional resourcess for download and a forum where you can ask all your burning questions. This class has 100% positive reviews, which I am very proud about.

Pocket guide to natural dyeing

A small booklet for absolute beginners. I wanted to make something, that wouldn't overwhelm, but would provide all the basic info on natural dyeing. This booklet is 10 pages long and talks about all the steps of the dyeing process. I also included tips for finding and extracting dyes, mordanting alternatives, and a bunch of hand-drawn illustrations. Print out on A3 or A4, cut and fold along the marked lines and keep in your pocket at all times.

Mordants for natural dyes

You know the basics but want to dive deeper? This is the publication you probably need. This eBook has two sections. In the "handbook" I talk about everything you need to know about mordanting, what substances to choose, how to test lightfastness and what are the alternatives. I share countless photographs from my studio, too. In the "workbook" you'll find all the recipes you need to mordant both plant and animal fibers. Over 70 pages of expert knowledge.

Dye garden manual

What better way to connect your love for nature and your love for crafting than to start a natural dye garden? This small ebook will provide you with all the info you need to cultivate, harvest and use 7 wonderful dye plants. It covers weld, chamomile, marigold, coreopsis, madder, woad and hollyhock. A little extra: tips for making green. With a handy schedule next to each plant to help you plan your seasons. Get your hands dirty and grow your own organic colors.