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Bundle dyeing kit / Natural dyes + silk scarf

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This natural dye kit will help you take your first steps in dyeing and learn the basics of botanical colours. It is an easy intro to plant dyeing, without handling dangerous substances. The kit comes with a pre-mordanted piece of silk, a collection of dried flowers and two pH modifiers, to shift the colour.

With this kit, you will make your own bundle dyed silk scarf and test the power of dry flowers and colour modifiers.
This kit allows for two colour options. You can choose between pinks and greens, applying one of the following methods: Use a modifier bath after rinsing the dyed scarf to shift the colour either to greens (with baking soda, a high pH modifier) or to pinks (with citric acid, a low pH modifier). You will see the magical colour shift happening in front of your eyes.

The kit includes:

1 silk scarf 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 inch), pre-treated with aluminium mordant
dried flowers: black hollyhock, red hibiscus, marigolds, chamomile
low pH modifier: citric acid
high pH modifier: baking soda

You will need:
a pot with a lid and a hob
a bucket to rinse your scarf

Dyeing instructions also available online:


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