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Kaliko is based in Berlin, Germany, but we ship worldwide. German version of the website coming soon.



spreading the love for

botanical dyes

handmade products and craft supplies

dye, weave, knit, mend

craft with foraged color

curated selection of supplies for textile lovers

At Kaliko we believe in the power of handcrafted textiles made with care.

We are a natural-dye studio based in Berlin, Germany. Our goal is to help you discover the beauty of foraged colors.

We empower others by educating about textile-making techniques and offer craft supplies for indie makers.
Our in-house line of textile products is made with certified local fibers and hand-dyed in our studio.

Newsletter from Ania

Natural dyeing, creative process and behind-the-scenes business updates.
Hosted on Substack and delivered directly to your inbox.

Our online course

Learn botanical dyeing step-by-step

Would you like to organize a private event?
Great! We offer group workshops for groups up to 6 people in our studio, as well as team and influencer events in the location of your choice.

Do you want to write about us?
Get in touch. We are happy to talk about our passion for sustainable textiles.

Or maybe you have a collaboration idea?
Let's work together on a project. We offer dyeing services, make custom window-displays, and develop new products with like-minded brands.

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