You’ll be surprised what happens if you stop buying clothes for a year (or four)!

Me-made! I had so many thoughts around this photo that I decided to write a blog post about it. You can read it at here. I talk about what not buying clothes since 2015 taught me and how difficult the whole process was.

Shortly about the photos, though: I made this linen top last month, the night before going on holidays and spent almost 3 full weeks in Portugal wearing it. I love it so much I’m even thinking about making a small run of these for my shop. It’s made with unbleached European linen and it’s SO comfy. I like wearing it both with my mended jeans but also this second hand floral skirt I recently got just to treat myself. Because yes, I still sometimes buy clothes. It’s just that it’s on a rare occasion, it’s a mindful process and it took me time to get there.

The excerpt from my blog post says: So what does it mean I almost stopped buying clothes? It would be a lie to say “I stopped buying clothes completely”. But it doesn’t do it any justice to only say “I stopped buying fast fashion” either. There’s so much that can happen between these two. I understand there might be times when you actually really need something or just love a certain piece too much and want to treat yourself. (...) No, you can’t help the planet by dumping all your old clothes and buying new sustainable (?) looks every season instead. Buying more, just ecological this time, is not a solution. Work with what you have and you’ll be surprised what happens.

If you’d like to read some more about my views on fashion and sustainability, my blog is where you find it, and for now please let me know if you’d be interested in a top like the one above.

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