Workshop results - Dyeing with Plants. Click to see all the colors we made.

Modeling a bandana I botanically dyed for him (&myslef) after teaching today’s dyeing workshop in my studio. It’s an ombré silk bandana dyed with goldenrod and madder root and it looks just delicious on him. Swipe through to see all the colors we made today at my Dyeing with Plants class. A crash course to kickstart your dyeing adventures 🌱

This beautiful specimen was adopted from an animal shelter. Adoption process was smooth and safe for this little one. We had to meet him 3 times before we decided to make him a part of our family and see if we’re getting along. No one ever is going to convince me that buying a dog from a breeder is better because you know what his character will be. So much more you can find out from carers and volunteers at the shelter than you could ever learn from a breed description. Each dog is unique and there’s so much more to an animal than their breed would imply. There are enough animals to save and the shelter crew is going to help you find this perfect one! If you need help deciding if adoptions is for you, reach out and we’ll talk! #adoptdontshop

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