Weaving fabric on a frame loom

The weaving season is opened! This is the first weaving I’ve finished for fun this fall and it will be turned into a zipper pouch. If you want to learn how to weave too, go to my blog www.kaliko.co/blog - I shared a DIY cardboard loom tutorial a few months ago. You don’t need much more than a piece of cardboard and some threads to learn, no excuses 😊
This is how I started too, and 3 years later I’m here, being self employed and having a business that started with this small me-made weaving loom.
I’m loving these warm colors and can’t wait to make another bag. All yarns dyed by me with plants: madder root,avocado skins and walnut husks. The sewing is scheduled for tomorrow and I’m quite excited already. I want to make a foldable clutch, combining weaving and plant dyed cotton canvas. Can’t wait to see the result.

Ania GrzeszekComment