Weaving a handwoven tapestry on a frame loom with a heddle bar

I made a time lapse to show you how I’m weaving a new tapestry on my small lap loom. This is actually not how I usually weave but I had to put it against white background in order to make what I’m doing visible. Usually I just put the loom on my lap, sit in a comfy armchair and lean back. Not too photogenic, you see.

As you might remember from my previous rambling, I miss weaving and I wanted to get back to it since almost a year now. I’m trying to optimize my plant dyeing business so that I can take some time off to actually have a hobby again 〰️➰〰️➰〰️ I sat down with my “Tapestry Weaving” booklet by @christabelbalfour in my hand today and made a list of techniques and patterns I want to master. These weavings will not be for sale or at least not made with this idea in mind so I can take the pressure off and just have fun. It feels good but also I’m realizing how rusty I got! It’s a beautiful craft though, slow, relaxing, meditative and perfect for slow Sunday at home.

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