This rusty orange project bag was dyed with madder root and then overdyed with marigolds

This rusty orange was dyed with madder root and then overdyed with marigolds. I used aluminium acetate which is a low impact mordant (used cold and with a minimal amount of water). They went online tonight, alongside pink, grey, peach and burgundy bags but there are only two left as I type this - because my newsletter subscribers always get the first dibs!

I only do shop updates every few weeks, usually you can find me busy working on wholesale orders. It’s been a crazy year since I got my very first big wholesale order last June. I am currently working on making my business work smoothly and I started taking regular Saturdays off. Quite a big step for a small business owner, but so necessary after a really busy growth period. I am trying to optimize instead of keeping growing at the moment. I was inspired by @pauljarvis book “Company of One” that I would recommend to anyone who wants to grow slowly but sustainably. It will allow me to make my product better, but also help me to finally get a life 😊🙏💛 Thank YOU for making it possible by supporting me and my work!!

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