These sustainable drawstring backpacks were dyed with plants

There will be a very small drop of my handmade backpacks tomorrow. Made with organic cotton dyed with plants, standing bottom part made with organic waxed linen, for being even more sturdy and water repellent. Lined with raw linen of a super lux touch and linen rope strings wide enough to sit comfy on your shoulders. It’s not a regular offer in my shop and I’m not sure when or if there will be any more backpacks available, so don’t miss it if you like them (and they’re quite lovely I have to admit).

But for now I’m busy working on a tutorial about weaving a scarf on a frame loom that will 🤞 be published on my blog tomorrow too. This is just an easy stop motion video but it’s still so much work. Hats off to all the makers making tutorials on a regular basis.

Another thing to look out for will be dye plants seeds, I have around 20 sets available. If you’re worried you’ll miss any of those, please sign up for my newsletter. Just scroll all the way down on my website and click on “subscribe “. See you in your inbox 👋

Ania GrzeszekComment