The Etsies - I nominate plant dyed eye pillows filled with grains and herbs!

Lovely people, I need your help. I am going to apply for Etsy Awards this year and I’m going to nominate one of my eye pillows. Now the question is - which one? They’re all made to help relax and are dyed with healthy ingredients but the colors vary and the fillings vary, too.

I have purple relaxation pillows filled with lavender that will help you relax and sleep well.
Green healing pillows are filled with millet grain and rosemary for their healing benefits - they help with migraines and aching sinuses.
Red wellness pillows filled with mustard seeds and rose petals calm you down and refresh the skin.

I sell them via both my own website and Etsy and actually they came to be as a custom Etsy order so I figured they would be a worthy contestant! Also, I got an overwhelmingly positive feedback to those, which is just the best feeling. Now the only problem is deciding which one should be given a chance. Any clues? 🤗🙏

Ania GrzeszekComment