The best of Kaliko - a year roundup of a small textile business

This is what I was about in 2018. Or rather what I was about professionally. I hope 2019 will bring more of what’s pictured in the very middle here - I miss weaving and I will try to actively work on making time and space for it in the new year. Plant colors are not going anywhere though 🌱

I realized if I don’t make time for weaving, it won’t just magically happen. When working as a full time architect in 2017 I had less time but wove more. Because there was no pressure to make a living with the work of my hands. This year I tried to lift Kaliko off the ground and weaving somehow felt like a too much of luxury. It’s such a slow process (and so hard to sell, too). The truth is I just couldn’t afford it.

But I hope 2019 will be a year of a balanced work & life, and there will be time for hobbies again. There’s one more dream I’d love to pursue and it’s buying a proper sewing machine and making some clothes (totally inspired by @sara_sews_clotheshere).

I honestly don’t know if to classify 2018 as a successful year. It was challenging, interesting and never boring. It was fun and taught me a lot. But it wasn’t easy. Hoping to grow further in 2019.

What are your plans, dreams and wishes for 2019? Are you making any resolutions? I never did and I think I won’t but I will plan out the next 3 months on paper to get some peace of mind ☺️🙏

The best of Kaliko - a year roundup of a small textile business
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