Sewing the handwoven fabric - a step-by-step tutorial

In case you’ve missed it or you’re new to my page (welcome!!) I have a blog post about sewing the handwoven fabric which you can find here. It’s a step-by-step tutorial with a bunch of photos and even more text to explain exactly what you have to watch out for when making a handwoven pouch. You can use the tips to sew anything you want, though, like a pillow, a tote bag, a pocket for your garment or whatever you come up with!

The game changer here is the interfacing! It makes the fabric stable in all directions and holds the threads close to the cut lines. I got this tip from a fellow weaver @micahhamilton.co and it made the whole process much easier and enjoyable (thank you Micah!). Zigzag sticht along the edges makes it even more secure and from there you’re good to go with your pattern of choice. If your pattern of choice is a pouch, head to my tutorial and have fun creating 😊

Sewing the handwoven fabric - a step-by-step tutorial #handwoven #pouch #sewing #weaving #tutorial
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