Playing with botanically dyed wool yarn sets

Have a sweet day 🍦 ☀️ there are times when I could stay in bed all day and periods when I’m overflowing with inspiration. Is it the same for you?
I’m on my inspiration high right now, which makes it difficult to focus. I decided this sunny Sunday will be for making lists and planning production to stop myself from testing things just for fun without actually making anything. I’ll allow myself some time slots for play, though, as I know it’s an important part of the process.
It’s super hard to stay on track with a creative business don’t you think? Especially when it’s supposed to pay your rent and there’s a pressure to make actual money! I miss the times when it was a hobby but the truth is - all stages of this adventure are equally exciting. So here’s a sweet photo for you, yarn addicts, to wish you a lovely Sunday.

Ania GrzeszekComment