Mono-printing lavender flowers and leaves onto fabric

I just realized I never showed you my new pattern! A story behind it: two years ago I did a giveaway, where you had to answer a question for your chance to win. I asked about your favorite plant and there were so many amazing answers but the most popular was lavender. So I decided to incorporate more lavender into my work.
This summer I found a small patch of lavender growing in my local park and every time I passed by I collected one flower and put it behind my year, to smell it throughout the day 🌸 (and I can’t recommend it enough!)
After a few weeks I had a lovely collection. I used all lavender flowers I had to make a mono-print on paper and then I developed a rubber stamp from it. So it’s a 1:1 botanical imprint that I’ll be able to use in winter too, when all lavender is long gone.
This is the third imprint in my collection, next to ferns and ligustrum and you can see all of them in my Etsy shop. There is a rainbow of plant dyed pouches to choose from but I just loved how these two work together, against rainy weather and cold days ahead!

Ania GrzeszekComment