Meditation lavender and flax eye pillows back in stock

Have a relaxing weekend dear friends. We’re up in the Polish mountains, hiking during the day and sitting at the fireplace in the evenings, enjoying beautiful views and peaceful moments.
Just before leaving I restocked relaxation eye pillows, made with raw linen, dyed without metal mordants, and filled with organic flax seeds and dried lavender buds. They are washable, can be refilled and come with an extra portion of lavender to recharge when the scent gets weaker. They’re 100% natural and they work wonders for both yoga and as sleeping aid!
I’m working on two new fillings for these pillows. There will be a wellness bag, massaging and soothing the skin around your eyes and a healing bag, for headaches and stress. Would you add anything to that?
These ship now worldwide for free (!) along many other products in my shop. Thank you so much for much love under my last post, I’m overwhelmed with your kindness 💛 so I decided that all small pouches will ship for free too 😊

Ania GrzeszekComment