Making colors with plants - dyeing three shades with two dyestuffs

Three colors, two dye stuffs. From left to right: madder root, madder root + alder cones + iron, alder cones + iron. They look very pretty on the organic cotton fabric and I’m glad they found new loving homes 🤗

I get many questions about where I purchase the fabric, so I thought I’d share here. I’m based in Berlin so I buy fabric as close to Germany as possible. My organic cotton comes from @ecologicaltextiles based in the Netherlands (they work with Turkish manufacturers), and I order unbleached linen from a Lithuanian company called Siulas who specializes in linen. I try not to order from overseas when there are resources available locally, so far it hasn’t been difficult at all and I’m very happy with the quality. Same goes for all small parts like zippers, cords etc. Hope that helps! If you have any specific questions, I’m happy to answer them too :) Enjoy your weekend and stay cool 😎

Ania GrzeszekComment