Madder, onion, woad, acorns dyed cotton project bags

Holidays are for taking a step back and reevaluating the business if needed. I’m not sure how many more bags I’ll be making before Christmas, as they take a lot (!) of time to finish and not necessarily make the easiest product to sell. If you’ve been eyeing them, it might be good to snap one now before they’re gone (4 left). I’ll still have a few drawstring bags in stock next month but not sure about the colors and quantities yet.
These here were dyed with (left to right) madder root, onion skins, goldenrod overdyed with woad, acorns and iron water. Lined with raw linen and stamped by hand. They are made with very sturdy, denim-like organic cotton canvas, detailed description on Etsy.
And I’ll be focusing on making more eye pillows and eye masks soon, as I believe they’re wonderful and helpful products and I want to make them work.

Ania GrzeszekComment