Linen eye pillows - new line of spa gifts

Today about something that I’m super excited about that doesn’t seem to have resonated with you so far. Last week I launched a line of new eye pillows with two additional fillings. I am head over heels in love with them for many reasons but somehow you aren’t yet. I’m not giving up, though, as I know they are worth all the promoting efforts, I’ve worked on them for a while, I use them and I love them, they are great and they *really* help.
I find it so difficult to market new products, it’s a thin line between reasonable advertising and being too pushy. But I guess in this case I simply didn’t let you fall in love with them yet - which would be so much easier if you could smell them 😍
So bear with me as I will introduce these two new scents over the next few days and tell you about all the benefits of aromatherapy herbs and healthy grains wrapped in botanically dyed linen, ok?
I figured maybe you just follow me for pouches or all the colorful woven stuff which is lovely too, but as much as I’m worried to bore you, I also can’t suppress my genuine love for those eye pillows! So if you have any feedback, questions, or want me to just keep posting about weaving and bags, please let me know, I’ll take it all, as I very much care about what you think. Good marketing advice and a good word from fellow small business owners is definitely welcome too!

Ania GrzeszekComment