I am just a small textile business - with some big values

So many people decided to follow me recently yet I have a feeling that it’s harder and harder to really connect here! If you’re new to my profile please just drop me a “hi” and tell me who you are. I made so many wonderful friends through this app already and it’s time to make even more.
I’m a former architect turned textile lady, I weave and I dye fabric with pigments extracted from plants. I’m passionate about sustainability, therefore I try to reduce using plastic, I don’t eat meat and try to not eat dairy either, I also quit supporting fast fashion two years ago. I believe in doing no harm to the planet, animals and people. I apply the same rules to my business. I want to set an example and offer an alternative for people who care like I do. It’s not always easy but it lets me sleep at night, in peace with my conscience.
I am just a small textile business. But I do what I can and I’d love to know that you care, too!

Ania GrzeszekComment