How to make time for weaving when working full time running a small business

Long time no see, lovely people, as I took some time off to recharge (spoiler alert - I didn’t recharge, 3 weeks won’t do). I’ll be back at work end of the week for good, ship all your orders and maybe even do a sneaky shop update. As always - newsletter subscribers get notified first.

In other news: I will be getting help at my studio and hope to give my business some much needed structure. Holidays didn’t really help 100% and I’m still overwhelmed with my work. I’m trying to change things to make it work for me. These are the realities of growing a business with no experience or help.

Also I had an interesting realization a few days ago. I started as a weaver on this platform but dyeing and sewing slowly took over. These past two years weaving was a rare thing in my process and I feel like a beginner again (!). I’m no longer a weaver who also dyes, I’m a dyer who sometimes weaves. And so I say it again: I’m craving some weaving practice and want to go back to it ASAP. Wish me luck.

Ania GrzeszekComment