How to find and asses sustainable materials effectively?

Last night right before falling asleep I had the most exciting idea. How cool would it be to have a “Sustainable Materials Bible” where all materials would be listed, together with a description of their impact on the planted and people who source them. Anybody ever heard of something like that?

It takes so much time and effort to find the truth about materials and the real consequences of using them. Digging up online not always gives the best result, with so much noise and false info being published. Or sometimes we just don’t know any better.

Emily of @aerendeshop shared about unethical ways of sourcing some of the pottery clays nowadays and I had no idea that’s an issue. Unsafe working conditions, unfair pay and child labour being a big thing here, similar to for example conventional cotton industry. It’s not only about the material being natural, because natural doesn’t necessarily equal sustainable and fair.

In my business finding ecological and ethically sound materials is always the first step of the process. I also try to share as much as I know already to educate and help others. So I’d love to dive deep into a book like that and read up about all the materials I surround myself with and make more informed decisions in the future. Or maybe there is a book like that already out there? Any clues?

How to find and asses sustainable materials effectively? #sustainable #material #fabric #ecological #eco #fashion #makers
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