How long does it take to make a handwoven pouch

Remember this handwoven and hand dyed piece from a few posts back? I combined this weaving with some plant dyed organic cotton and made a fold over pouch. I love it, it’s classy and eye catching, it’s a real heirloom piece and most of all - I made it with my 🖐 🤚.
There’s something beautiful about dyeing your own yarns and then weaving them into something and then taking this weave and turning it into a product with your sewing machine.
A piece like that takes 6h to weave and sew, this doesn’t include material costs (so yarn, fabric, AND the dyeing process). Then the photoshoot, listing on etsy - not done yet - and it’s easily a full day of work. Bottom line: I won’t be making many more this year because I need to get strategic about my income 😂 sorry about all the business info recently but I think it’s best to keep things transparent. I’m an artist but I still need to eat so I thought I just lay it out! I still love making these and hope to get back to it as soon as possible!

Ania GrzeszekComment