How I took a leap, left my day job and built my making business

Hi! My name is Ania and this is a short introduction for all of you who started following me recently. I am a maker based in Berlin, where I moved over 6 years ago to work as an architect and finish my MA. While working a day job and finishing my thesis at the same time, I discovered weaving over this small app and decided I have to try it. (What we do to procrastinate right?).

4 months later, my boyfriend gifted me a proper floor loom, and the cape you see in this photo was my first loomed piece. Weaving was so addictive that I started dyeing yarns for my weaving practice and in early 2016 I opened my online shop, selling handwoven pouches and wallhangings.

While still mostly focusing on weaving, I started dyeing fabrics now too. I was making small pouches and sachets under a new brand “Kaliko”. This brand started growing and slowly took over, becoming my main focus. In my process I only use local plants and European fabrics, try to make my products as environmentally sound as possible. I have lovely local sewists who help me, too.

While doing it all I was still working as an architect. In September 2017 my beloved rescue dog died, leaving me in grief. A month later I was supposed to renegotiate my work contract. Being unhappy with the offer, life in general and still in a negative mindset I spontaneous decided to quit and never go back. It took a huge weight off my shoulders. It was also endlessly scary.

2018 was the year of building my small business with the goal to make it financially sustainable by the end of the year. The goal I achieved 💪 I don’t miss working in an office, what’s more - I can’t even imagine having a desk job again. In May 2018 I opened a studio/shop in Berlin where I have my own dye kitchen, small working space, offer workshops, and have my products on the display. I offer a range of plant dyed products, crafting supplies for weavers and handwoven goods.

This intro got slightly out of control so I’ll wrap it up here, but let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to hear about you, too, what’s your story? And do you follow me for anything specific (dyeing? weaving?). Have a lovely day! 
Ania xx

How I took a leap, left my day job and built my making business
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