Healing properties of aromatherapy eye pillows

I’m posting these eye pillows for following reasons:
1. Instagram just let me tag products after a few months of waiting (amazing customer service, right?), and I thought I’d test it. Also: They ship for free to your country, too. I’d love to know, though, if it’s annoying you to see tagged products?
2. I published a blog post about the properties of the relaxation, healing and wellness eye pillows and you can read it on my blog. It’s a short introduction and I will sure post separate article for each single pillow composition soon.
3. This week will be all about developing recipes for dyeing linen for these eye pillows. The plan is to offer them for wholesale, as they are my favorite product at the moment. Therefore I’ll need a semi-reliable outcome and will actually *write down* the recipe for the first time in my life, for Marietta, who’s helping me out in my studio. With a detailed recipe she’ll be able to reproduce both colors and patterns 🤞 Are there any specific colors you’d like to see?

Ania GrzeszekComment