Handwoven pouches dyed with local plants and safely machine stitched - tutorial

I took some time today to make two new handwoven pouches and documented the entire sewing process with photos. I will publish a detailed tutorial this week but for now I only edited this final shot - I couldn’t wait to show you!

Handwoven pouches were the very first product I ever offer. I made the first batch back in early 2016 and just a few more small batches since then. They were always received so well which is super sweet! But as you know project bags took over. Now I’m slowly getting back to weaving because there’s no greater joy then playing with your own plant dyed yarns. The colors here were made with plants local to me and handwoven on a frame loom (swipe left to see). I lined this pouch with olive green plant dyed linen for the final special touch 🌱 zipper pull is made with reclaimed leather from Berlin based company.

This pouch is a labour of love, handwoven with yarns that were hand dyed with plants and then sewed by hand - all by yours truly.

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Ania GrzeszekComment