Free tutorial by Kaliko available - How to weave a scarf on a frame loom

I love the looms I stock so my goal for January is to publish a free tutorial, showing how I use them to weave a scarf. It’s all shot now and waiting to be edited and described this week, so there’s a good chance I’ll make it. Which makes me feel like a winner and appreciate setting tiny realistic goals 💪
If you don’t want to miss this tutorial, sign up for my newsletter - just scroll all the way down on my website and I will email you as soon as it’s published. There will be a shop update this week too, 4 handmade backpacks waiting to be listed. And then we can smoothly move to February when I will try to achieve another goal: sewing my first T-shirt! An exciting year of small things ahead 🌱

Ania GrzeszekComment