Finished handwoven wallhanging just got cut off my frame loom

It’s finished and believe me or not but that’s the first wallhanging I finished in a year. Now I feel inspired to weave some more and not let this practice slide again. This one was woven with my plant dyed yarns and the design was not planned beforehand. Already thinking what I’ll try next.

There’s so much inspiration out there that it’s sometime hard to decide what to make next. That’s one of the reasons I stopped weaving. Now I just try to get inspired from within instead of from outside and not to look at what other weavers do. I guess it’s easy to loose your own voice in the noise of images and ideas.

So for now I’m not trying to make anything unique, just enjoying the process and let’s see where it takes me!

(The loom I used is a wooden frame loom with a turning heddle bar in size small, available in my online shop.)

Ania GrzeszekComment