Dyed with: avocado, madder, madder, marigolds, marigolds, alder cones, woad

A few years ago it wouldn’t cross my mind that I could make a full rainbow of colors using local plant dyes only. So when these came back from my amazing sewists (what would I do without them!) the other week I had to document it, as it doesn’t happen often that I have all the colors at home at the same time. These colors come out quite strong on organic cotton canvas. The fabric is heavy so the particles stack up on top of each other, making the colors appear more intense than on light weight fibers. I always use pre-washed fabric (cooked at 90*C) to get rid of all waxes and other manufacturing additives that could resist the dye intake. And the rest is pure plant magic.

The colors you see here are the full spectrum of my wholesale offer and went to my wholesale clients. Left to right (back to front) dyed with: avocado, madder, madder, marigolds, marigolds, alder cones, woad. Using different mordants and modifiers makes is possible to achieve different shades with the same plant.

I get a lot of questions about when I’ll stock up my own shop. At the moment I’m working on a collection of bundle dyed bags and plan to make a patchworked version next, working through my offcuts pile. I’ll keep you updated. Thank you so much for supporting my work both with your purchases, kind words and checking in with me! 😊🙏

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