Bundle dyeing on thick cotton. I made 4 bags dyed with 11 local dye plants and I am sharing my process.

I was never a huge fan of bundle dyeing but then last month something clicked and now I’m obsessed! I made this four bundles during my last Bundle Dyeing class. We were just a small group with a big selection of dyes on the table so I set myself on a mission to use up what was left. I’m not gonna lie - I had an idea in mind for each bundle I made - but they couldn’t turn out further from what I expected. And I guess that’s why I love this process so much.

The fabrics were pretreated with aluminum acetate (cold mordant), bundled with 11 local dye plants and steamed for an hour. Two of them were later cooked to make the color spread some more, and the third one was treated to an indigo-woad vat dip. Sewed by my talented sewists (I can hardly sew).

Before anyone asks: They will be on sale very soon, together with some crossbody bags and I will announce it via my newsletter.

Ania GrzeszekComment