Bundle dyed scarves recipes and dye garden kits info

Bundle dyed silk scarves dyed with local plants and food waste. I made these two after my last bundle dyeing workshop, there was some dyestuff left on the table and I didn’t want it to waste. Love them both! I share what I dyed them with below, scroll down to read.

These bundles were dyed with dried plants but you can use fresh plants too. I’m excited to make bundles with my homegrown dye plants this summer. I just restocked dye garden seeds in my shop and they are ready to ship. Also, for those who asked: Last year I sent seeds to the US and they arrived safe and sound, but let me know if you have any questions. There are 7 dye plants and an ebook in this kit, and I only have 14 kits left.

Back to the scarves: purple one was bundled with madder root, red hibiscus, black hollyhock and steamed. Yellow beauty was bundled with weld, pomegranate, onions and marigolds, steamed and then over dyed with pomegranate skins. Madder, Black hollyhock, Weld and Marigold are a part of my Dye Garden Kits, alongside Woad, Coreopsis and Chamomile.

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