Botanically dyed scarves made with silk

Plant colors on silk. All pieces were first mordanted with aluminum acetate and then dyed with local dried plants. Listed in my shop.

Pastel green was made with blue hibiscus, for dusty pink I used red hibiscus, both red and orange were dyed with madder. To achieve red the dye bath was kept at neutral pH, for orange I shifted the brew to a slightly acidic pH. Which one is your favorite? It’s always so hard to decide for me but somehow I’m really drawn to dusty pink at the moment!

Silk takes up the colors so nicely! Though I think I’ll stick to wool, linen and organic cotton in the future anyway, as I believe in working with local fibers (cotton I use was grown and woven in Turkey, both wool and linen are coming from the EU).

Ania GrzeszekComment