Botanically dyed pouches for birthday celebration

It’s my birthday today! I turned 29 and so did my twin sister 👯 my boyfriend is celebrating his birthday today too, alongside the city of Berlin - where we all live (781 year old today). It’s been the first year of self-employment and it’s been challenging and full of adventures, so thank you so much for sticking with me and following along!
Sounds like a good reason to update my shop with things I’ve been working on recently. I listed new medium size pouches and small coin purses, with my new lavender botanical imprint that I’ve hand stamped onto them. There’s also something new in my shop, extending the line of eye pillows, that I’m super excited about 👇
I researched grains and herbs properties and I came up with two additional aromatherapy combinations. I just launched healing and wellness eye pillows, alongside the relaxation eye pillow that my customers loved so far. If you want to read up on how they can help you boost your health and well-being, you can find more in Etsy listings description.
And now I’m logging off to spend the next few hours with a group of students, teaching botanical dyeing in my sweet studio. Have a lovely Sunday!

Ania GrzeszekComment