Peace silk bandanas // Plant dyed

Peace silk bandanas // Plant dyed


Silk scarves made of Peace Silk and dyed with plants. 

These plant dyed bandanas were hand dyed and sewed in Germany. A perfect accessory to wear around your neck, waist or head. Made by hand with natural ingredients. No toxic substances used in the process, every kerchief was dyed with plants and aluminium acetate. 

Beautiful peace silk with a gorgeous luster and soft to touch, coming from a controlled organic cultivation. Hand dyed with local plants. The colors are solid but with a lot of life to them. There's a very subtle slightly speckled pattern to be seen when the scarves are laying flat. The coloring looks natural and alive.

All materials are natural.
By choosing this product you support not only a small independent business but also the environment. 

Dimensions: 21 x 21 inch (55 x 55 cm) 
Fabric: Peace Silk
Dyed: Botanically dyed with plants and aluminium acetate

Yellow: goldenrod
Orange: madder root
Red: madder root
Olive: marigold and iron
Dusty pink: red hibiscus
Light green: blue hibiscus

Because of the nature of hand dyeing and stamping process, these are unique pieces, each one slightly different than another. 

All orders are shipped worldwide through the tracked mail. Shipping to the US takes approximately 10 days.

Washing instructions attached.

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