Handwoven zipper pouch

Handwoven zipper pouch


This small zipper pouch was made with a handwoven fabric and plant dyed linen.

Botanically dyed wool yarns from my own dye pots were woven together on a tapestry loom. All fibers are natural. Weft (vertical threads) were dyed with botanical dyes like birch leaves, marigolds, walnut, avocado, madder; warp (horizontal threads) was made with natural cotton string. Machine sewn and stitched by hand. Lined with natural linen dyed with marigolds and iron. Reclaimed leather zipper pull. Perfect for a small case, coin purse or a jewellery pouch. Handmade in Berlin.

This pouch is a part of Woven Journals. This ongoing series explores the process of weaving as a way to reflect on my own experiences. This is a unique one-of-a-kind piece, that will never be reproduced.

Materials: Cotton / Wool / Linen
Dimensions: 13x12cm (ca. 5x5 inch)

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