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Kaliko is based in Berlin, Germany. German version of the website coming soon.



Wild Berry / Aran yarn

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Naturally dyed wool in Aran weight.

The wool comes from an organic sheep farm in northern Germany. Spun in Brandenburg, Germany. This yarn is fully regional, has a lovely rustic texture, and can be used for knitting and weaving.

I dyed the yarns with natural dyes in my Berlin studio. All yarns are cleaned, mordanted, dyed with natural dyes, and rinsed multiple times—for stable and lightfast colors. The yarns might still bleed slightly in the blocking process but won't change in color.

- Aran weight
- 160m / 100g
- 4 ply
- 100% german wool
- non-superwash
- dyed with natural dyes
- without toxic substances
- deliciously variegated