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HEALING eye pillow / Millet and rosemary

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Botanically dyed linen eye bag with aromatherapy properties - stress and pain relief

ROSEMARY scent increases concentration and boosts neural activity, stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain
MILLET GRAIN accumulates the heat for a long time and helps to relieve sinus pains and headaches

This pillow was made with raw unbleached European linen and filled with organic millet grain and rosemary for a beautiful and activating scent. The whole purpose of this eye cover is to rest on your face and bring relief to your eyes, sinuses, and mind. It's a great concentration aid and migraine relief.

That's why we use natural materials only. No metal zippers, no interfacing or inner lining, no toxic mordants. There's only a single layer of raw linen fabric between you and the filling, for you to enjoy the healing power of plants and natural fibers directly on your skin.

You can put this eye cover in a freezer for 20-30 minutes and use cold, heat up in a microwave for around 30 seconds or in an oven for 15 minutes and use warm.

The pillow is washable, just open the ribbon bow and put the seeds in a bowl for the time of washing; refill the pillow when dry. You can add extra fresh herbs when the scent gets weaker. Reuse instead of toss, you don't produce any waste when you need a refill.

Dimensions when closed: 9 x 3,5 inch (23 x 9 cm)
Wight: 5,3 oz (150g)
Fabric: Natural raw linen (unbleached & pre-washed)
Dyed: Botanically dyed with marigolds

Because of the nature of hand dyeing process, these are unique pieces, each one slightly different than another. The item you’ll receive might slightly vary from the photo but will be equally beautiful.

Washing instructions attached.


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