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Dyeing with indigo and fresh woad

The process of dyeing with woad is similar to dyeing with the indigo plant. The pigment contained in the leaves is not soluble in water, so to be dissolved, it must undergo a chemical change - reduction. First removed from the dye pot, it combines with oxygen in the air and reverts to the insoluble blue. This oxygen-free dye bath is called a vat. There are many recipes for making a vat (19 that I know of) and last weekend I tried out the most common ones.

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How to dye fabric with plants

I get many questions about my process, so I decided to write a blog post to make it accessible to everybody. My way of dyeing is by no means the ultimate right way, it’s just a process I developed over time, based on research and experience. I want to describe my process step by step, give some important advice and share an approach for beginner dyers, which is a simplified procedure for a first ever experiment with plant dyes.

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