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When I first opened my small business, one of the first makers I got to know was Luka of Ninalu. She is a photographer but she developed an interest in jewellery and decor design. She introduced me to the maker scene in Berlin and helped out with a lot of tips throughout my journey.

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Luka's art always resonated with me and even though I don't wear jewellery myself, I always admired her beautiful and delicate designs. She creates pieces out of recycled sterling silver, brass and copper tubes in combination with natural materials like wood, shells, seeds and stones which she collects in nature.  Every piece is designed and handmade by her and inspired by minimalistic aesthetics and nature that surrounds her. I asked Luka a few short questions for you to get to know her better:

You're a professional photographer. When and why did you start making jewellery and decoration?
I always loved plants and collecting/creating things. About two and a half years ago I felt like making myself a necklace and then it suddenly evolved into what Ninalu is today.

What is the inspiration behind your collections? 
Natural materials play an important role as well as minimal geometric aesthetics and the inspiration I get when I have materials in my hands.

What is unique about your process and your products?
The combination of minimalism and natural materials as well as the sustainable aspect.

Do you feel that sustainability in crafts is becoming more important?
Yes definitely, I would say in all parts of our lives. People's consciousness is evolving and it's slowly influencing their consumption.
It's our responsibility as creatives and owner of a brand to produce consciously.

What is a way you are practising sustainability in your own business?
I'm working with recycled silver, my packaging is reused/recycled and plastic free and I'm generally producing very little waste as I'm reusing all my scraps and pieces.

This year Luka and I teamed up to offer limited sets of our products. We combined Luka's earrings and my pouches, for all people who care about sustainable design. If you're looking for a beautiful gifts for your loved ones or for yourself, have a look at our shops. Our sustainable sets will go live on Friday, right in time for Christmas season. By purchasing a set, you pay a reduced price for both products and, on top of that, you save money on shipping by paying just once. We really hope you'll love them! 

Visit Ninalu or Kaliko to shop. Sets go live November 17th.

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