My self-employement journey


This autumn was an intense period in my life, with a lot of bad things happening, which made me reflect on what I’m doing and who I want to be. It all led me to quit my day job. Some of you might know that I’m an architect and worked in an architecture office for the past 5 years. I enjoyed my job and loved my colleagues. We did I leave then?

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Why I left my day job

Studying architecture was the best period of my life. I love the whole creative process and I loved being free with my ideas. But working in an office is much different and as much as I enjoyed it for the past few years, I started realising that it’s not how I want my life to look like. Sitting still at the desk for 8 hours straight is not that entertaining and not healthy either. On top of that, I was very disappointed with the wages (which are not what we see in the movies really) but also very angry about the gap between men's and women's wages. Yes, that’s still a reality in Germany and probably in most countries. I’m not going to support this sick system.

What I want to do

I want to grow and experiment, and do what feels right at the moment. I want to promote my values through my work. I believe we can all change the world in small ways and I believe in my products and the message they’re transporting. That’s why I decided to pursue this small hobby of mine full time (at least for a short while).

Who I’m making for

I want to focus on creating value for like-minded people. I’m making for all of you, who believe in slow living. I don’t want to attract impulse shoppers! My products are for people who care about the environment, social equality, nature lovers and fellow makers. Sounds like you? Great!

What I’m making

That’s why I’m into working with sustainable textiles and why I offer only healthy and non-toxic fibres. I believe these are small ways to put our planet on the right track and if you want to know more about it, read my other blog post Why is organic cotton better.
I will keep experimenting with local plant pigments and certified organic fabrics in the next months and share my journey with you. Of course, I will also keep weaving, because this is how my small business started. I love making unique woven pieces and expressing myself through handmade art. Now I’ll have more time to do that and hopefully, I can keep inspiring you with what I create.

What I’m planning

Of course, my main focus is to make unique textiles for you to enjoy. I hope to give my Etsy shop some more love, with a new collection of handwoven pouches. I’m also dreaming a new line of handwoven tops and I hope I can make this dream come true in the next months. Another small section of my shop that I really want to grow is plant dyed wool packs, and maybe even some DIY-sets for fellow makers (how about that?). Also in the planning - an eBook on dyeing with plants, in which I could explain my process step by step.
But my small business is a business in the first place and I really want to grow it. This year I will be looking for partners to sell my bags. I’m thinking about approaching yarn shops to collaborate on project bags, as well as fair fashion shops to sell my plant dyed goods. Let’s see how that works out, would be definitely a great feeling to be able to offer my products in places other than just Etsy.

Can you help?

I wouldn’t be where I am without your help. So it’s probably not unexpected, that I keep counting on you. If you like what I’m doing, please consider purchasing my products. Every order I receive brings me closer to making my dreams come true. I try to shop small myself because I want to support real people and real lives. So hey, this is a real maker waving to you (it’s me!) and hoping that you notice all the quality and care that goes into everything I do.
If you don’t need any of my products just now but you want to help anyway (thank you!) there are so many other ways to do it. The easiest way is to spread the word among your family and friends. If you have collaboration ideas or product tips, please share your feedback. I’m always very happy with every comment and email I’m getting. If you have a shop, that’s fantastic, I’m looking for new wholesale partners. Or maybe you have a blog and would like me to write a post / make a tutorial for you?

I welcome all ideas and I’m very excited about what’s to come. I hope to make even more beautiful connections on my self-employment journey and I will keep you updated on my progress. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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