Healing properties of herbal eye pillows

Healing properties of herbal eye pillows

Plants have amazing properties, that we can experience in various ways. Some time ago I got interested in how you can absorb helpful substances through your skin. Skin is our biggest organ and what we put on it matters. I read a lot about healing properties of plants. Some of them are anti-fungal, others antibacterial, there are plants that block UV light or sooth inflammations. Isn’t it just amazing?
All of this reading led me even further, into researching other properties, not necessarily connected with touch. This is how I stumbled upon aromatherapy. It is proven that aromatherapy can be a big part of the healing process. Some scents can have impact on our wellbeing, help us calm down or boost concentration. A new world of possibilities just opened in front of me! If that wouldn’t be enough, there’s another very interesting piece of information I found. Neuroscience recognises that wearing colored fabric can positively affect our health. There are photoreceptors in our own bodies that respond to certain light, our brains are porous to light and color too. This is how botanical colors can have even more impact. Plants have so many ways of helping us.

I worked hard in the last weeks to put all this knowledge into action. This month I launched a collection of 3 scented eye pillows that help you boost your health. I'm loving them! They smell amazing and botanically dyed raw linen feels great on the skin. You can find the whole collection here available in two colors (and hopefully expanding soon).

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The collection consists of 3 scents:

Relaxation eye pillow
flax seeds and lavender // sleep and meditation aid, stress relief

Wellness eye pillow
mustard seeds and rose petals // calming and soothing, refreshing the skin

Healing eye pillow
millet grain and rosemary // headache and sinus relief, boosting concentration

flax and lavender relaxation eye pillow
RELAXATION eye pillow // Flax and lavender
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Relaxation eye pillow is where it all started. I got a lot of amazing feedback during the past few months from people who are already using it. It helps you sleep better and it's really doing wonders to your mood.

Lavender reduces anxiety, depression, and stress, balances your mood and helps you relax and sleep.
Flax seeds ensure the perfect amount of acupressure to revitalize your vision, accumulate the heat or cold for a long time thanks to natural oils content.

wellness eye pillow with mustard and rose petals
WELLNESS eye pillow // Mustard and rose petals
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Wellness eye pillow is like your personal spa. It soothes your skin and helps you calm down.

Rose petals boost your self-esteem, confidence, and libido. They are also proven to heal and refresh the skin.
Mustard seeds are small and round, so they massage your skin gently and stimulate the microcirculation. They also have anti-inflammatory properties and boost the immune system.

healing eye pillow with millet and rosemary
HEALING eye pillow // Millet and rosemary
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Healing eye pillow is probably my favorite one. When warmed up, it smells like fresh bread and makes me feel cozy and calm. It's also great for headaches and problems with sinuses.

Rosemary increases concentration and boosts neural activity, stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain.
Millet accumulates the heat for a long time which helps to relieve sinus pains and headaches.

Natural materials and pigments

All pillows are made with raw pre-washed linen, dyed with healing plants. They can be emptied and refilled, they are washable and can be recharged with fresh scent when needed. They don’t have any extra inner lining, to make the plants come as close to your skin as possible. Also no metal zippers, but a linen ribbon to close instead. They are 100% natural, with a very simple but clever design.

They are available in two colorways:
Blue - Indigo extract makes the most beautiful deep blue on raw and unbleached linen. Indigo dyed pillows are antibacterial, and dyed without any mordants. I am using organic indigo and woad vats based on natural henna and lime, with no toxic substances.
Purple - For this color I use oak gulls with iron water. Oak gulls are rich in tannins therefore antibacterial. Iron is an element that can be found in our blood cells and is necessary to your mental and physical health and to keep your energy levels up.

Unfortunately there are no smell samples I could provide you with over the internet (sigh…!) but trust me they smell and feel amazing. If you’d like to have a look at the whole collection, you can find it in my shop.


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