Rosemary eye pillows - healing benefits you should know

5 rosemary eye pillow benefits you should know

Do you know how some smells can make you feel certain way? I can’t shake this childhood memory of freshly baked bread coming straight from a hot oven - it keeps coming back every time I smell this rosemary & millet eye pillow. How wonderful and cozy is this smell!
This eye pillow was designed to help you with headaches and sinus pains and it works best when warmed up - hence the heavenly smell. It is filled with organic rosemary and millet grains from a local mill.

But it’s not only the smell that makes them so unique. I listed the benefits of these two ingredients for all of you who don’t know much about aromatherapy yet.

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HEALING eye pillow // Millet and rosemary
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Learning and memory - rosemary scent can significantly improve your memory. It will help you remember things not only faster, but also for longer, therefore it can help you study better. Researchers found out that rosemary scent can help treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, by enhancing brain wave activity.

Stress relief - rosemary lowers stress hormone levels. It helps to reduce anxiety and make you feel more relaxed. It will bring a sense of calmness, clarity and concentration, as mood state can be greatly affected by rosemary.

Pain relief - by increasing blood circulation, rosemary helps to decrease headache and reduce pain in muscles and muscle cramping.

Respiratory issues - rosemary increases not only blood pressure and heart rate but also respiratory rate. You will feel fresher because of rosemary’s antibacterial properties, that can be effective against mucus.

Immune system boost - by reducing oxidative stress, rosemary helps you boost your immune system and prevent many diseases like asthma, infections or cancer.


Heat therapy - millet grains can store heat over a long time. They are perfect for you is you suffer from sinus pains, headaches and migraines. Used regularly, warm eye pillow filled with millet can help free blocked sinuses and prevent inflammations.

Gluten free - Most grains contain gluten and can cause allergic reactions in people suffering from celiac disease. Millet is gluten free and therefore a safe alternative.


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